Public incitement addressed to the International Council for Science.

International Council for Science*
5 rue Auguste Vacquerie
75116 Paris

Dear Colleague(s),

My work as an editor and publisher of the academic journal Enzymes ISSN 1867-3317 is seriously hindered due to a professional ban, accompanied by unsubstantiated political persecution and attempts to misuse psychiatry for political aims (Ref. 1). For over two months, I have been coerced into hiding in order to avoid my unlawful imprisonment (Ref. 2). My claim for asylum, which I applied for in Austria several month ago has been refused contrary to prevailing law (Ref 3). My further attempts to escape this marginalizing terror remain without success (Ref 4). I demand the immediate end to this witch-hunt performed by German criminals. My rights, health and reputation should be reconstituted. I demand full rehabilitation as well as reasonable compensation. Moreover, the officials, who have neglected their duty, must also resign (Ref 5).

Dr Andrej Poleev


1. A. Poleev. Indictments. Enzymes, 2010. 

2. A. Poleev. Vermin. Enzymes, 2012.

3. Ultimatum to the European Union.

4. A. Poleev. Request for prosecution. Enzymes, 2012.

5. Request for immediate resignation. 

* ICSU Position Statement: Freedom in the conduct of science (Oct 1995).

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