The Octology award

Editor and publisher of the Journal Enzymes announces the foundation of the Octology award to honor those who have made a significant contribution in the field of Octology.
The Octology award is introduced in order to promote the fundamental and applied research in the field of Octology; to draw public attention to this direction of scientific thought; to attract the investitions for development and realization of octological projects; to enchance the epigenetic diversity of humans.
The awarded persons will be granted the scientific title Octologist, certificated by a diploma.
The list of laureatŠµs will be published on a separate page. >>>
At the same time, an opposite award will sentence the persons, who proved him- or herself as an anti-intellectual and able to multiplicate the foolishment, to carry the title King or Queen of fools. >>>
Nominations for the awards can be submitted by email to Dr. Andrej Poleev or using the nomination form. If   you wish to participate as an investor or a donator, please contact an editor.